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My name is Saba. I am a quilter, embroiderer, textile artist, teacher and am crazy about everything needle and thread.

I was born and brought up in India, but feel more Arab, having lived in the Middle East for over 27 years (and that’s more than half of my life). Like all expats who move to the Middle East looking for greener pastures, I came with my husband with the plan to go back home in a few years. But time passed, and we settled, making the desert our home. I now live in Dubai with my family. The three kids were born and grew up during this time, while I divided my time between housekeeping, babysitting, and a short stint at Middle School teaching. However, during all this time, the sewing machine never left my side.

Interesting fact:  When we started setting up our house in Riyadh, post-wedding, my husband earned about $1000/- per month. We did not have much in the house and slept on mattresses. Yet, our first major splurge was $300/- on a Jaguar sewing machine because I could not survive a single day without it.

Flashback to the late 70s, as a little girl, I grew up wearing clothes stitched by my Mum, while her sleek black hand-crank Merritt worked hard. With no TV or internet in the small township where I grew up, the only solution to my boredom was to play around with my mum’s sewing scraps. I started off by making clothes for dolls, and eventually, embroidering and embellishing the dresses that mum stitched for me.

I caught the sewing bug early enough and as time passed, I learned to make my own clothes, baby dresses for cousins, crochet, knitting, tatting, and whatever came my way. I was willing to soak in anything and everything.
I was a regular at the local bookstores in my hometown, Lucknow, during my college days. On one such visit, I came across a patchwork and quilting book that changed my perspective on needlework. The book was full of scrappy patterns, and I thought, my goodness! I have just found a way to make use of all of Mum’s dress-making scraps packed away in old suitcases around the house.

That started a journey of experimenting with fabrics and opened new avenues for teaching and learning and gave me the opportunity to evolve.I love to explore the age-old hand sewing and embroidery techniques that were handed down from the grandmas. Historical embroidery forms and vintage fabrics fascinate me.

I can go on talking about my needlecraft journey forever… My kids tell me that I sound as excited as a kid who has just found treasure!!

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Loves what she does

Saba is an extremely talented artist who specialises in all things needlecraft. Her star quality is in how she wants to impart her knowledge to anyone who is willing to learn. She is very patient and it is an absolute delight to learn from her. The best teachers are those who truly love what they do, and Saba clearly is one of them.

A. Hashmi

Excellent teacher

Saba is a very talented quilter who is an excellent teacher too. Her instructions & teaching is always clear and she makes sure we all enjoy while learning . Never hesitates to repeat if anyone wants to. She’s very good in hand stitching and encourages us to do so.

Fathima Mohammad

Local quilter