My name is Saba. I am a quilter, embroiderer, textile artist, teacher and am crazy about everything needle and thread.
I was born and brought up in India, but feel more Arab, having lived in the Middle East for over 27 years.
Like all expats who move to the Middle East looking for greener pastures, I came with my husband with the plan to go back home in a few years. But time passed, and we settled, making the desert our home. I now live in Dubai with my family………


Patterns, Threads, Kits & Notions


Chikankari Thread

(Kaccha dhaga)


Motif (Boota) TRC002


Motif (Boota) TRC001


Motif (Boota) TRC003


Quilting, Embroidery & Fun Projects



Virtual lecture and demo (stitch along) on the art of Chikankari now available. This lecture includes a talk about the history of Chikankari embroidery.

The Real Chikankari-blog


Prerecorded Chikankari lessons that include hours of content that is yours for life. The workshop is a comprehensive bundle that includes, preparation tips and easy demos.

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The Art of Chikankari

The art of Chikankari, by all normal estimates, is about 300-400 years old. It was brought to India by the Mughal Empress


What Our Customers Say

Loves what she does

Saba is an extremely talented artist who specialises in all things needlecraft. Her star quality is in how she wants to impart her knowledge to anyone who is willing to learn. She is very patient and it is an absolute delight to learn from her. The best teachers are those who truly love what they do, and Saba clearly is one of them.

A. Hashmi

Excellent teacher

Saba is a very talented quilter who is an excellent teacher too. Her instructions & teaching is always clear and she makes sure we all enjoy while learning . Never hesitates to repeat if anyone wants to. She’s very good in hand stitching and encourages us to do so.

Fathima Mohammad

Local quilter